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sunny from sullen


HD video, 6 minutes


Dancers: Celestina Banjo and Marlon Kameka

Direction, Camera, Edit: Deborah Olakigbe

Camera support: Will Pham

Edit support: Nina Rac

Shot in the Palm House at Kew Gardens in London, this video is a culmination of a project spanning several weeks wherein the artist and dancers worked collaboratively to find a shared language, drawing inspiration and references from works such as the dialogue between Audre Lorde and James Baldwin in Revolutionary Hope, Corinne Bailey Rae’s music video for Green Aphrodisiac, painting To Douse the Devil For A Ducat by Lynette Yiadom-Boake, and not least of all, EP Dual by Sampha. The result is a tender and poetic work, addressed to a ‘Dear b’ whose wisdom and experience is knowing and healing.

Installation view, RA Schools Show 2018. Photo: Andy Keate

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