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Green Face Group Discussion (FEMINISM)


HD video, 66 minutes

Speakers: Anon, Bethany Goodwill, Bethany May, Monique Simpson, Rosanna McNamara

Direction, Camera, Edit: Deborah Olakigbe

Camera: Amber Durrant

Camera support: Nicola Luscombe

The last of the GFGD series where participants are given question prompts about identity, naming language, and experiences of prejudice, generating discussions about nationalism, racism, gentrification, and more. GFGD (FEMINISM) included classic question prompts as well as those on the theme of feminism. The speakers respond with their varied perspectives and experiences, portraying a complex politics which defies a single definition and any consequent expectation of a tidy movement.

Green Face Group Discussion (FEMINISM) - An Extract

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