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Uncomfortable and tenacious conversations are often the mode through which Deborah interrogates words and their meaning(s); her speakers and participants with varying amounts of willingness to engage in this. Some of these moments have been captured and formed the basis for video work such as ‘from me with Rose’ where the artist sits down with her mother, seemingly inaccessible through Deborah’s attempts though far from impartial, allowing truths unsought to reveal themselves amid the unresolved and the riddled. Deborah’s methods have included script, prompts, and improvisations, at times punctuating with superimposed imagery to steepen the visibility of social dynamics and themes underlying, while pushing assumed roles and settings onto an incline.

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2019 - WOKE exhibition - London

2018 - Royal Academy Schools Postgraduate Diploma - London

2018 - RA Schools Graduate Show - London

2017 - 'Bearing Liability' - Folkstone

2017 - RA IWD 2017 'Gender & Material' Show - London

2017 - Premium Projects: Interim Show - London

2017 - Peter Rippon Award - London/New York

2015 - lockjaws* Exhibition and Issue 1 launch, Trinity Arts Centre - Bristol

2015 - University of Reading BA Joint Honors - Reading

2015 - Graduate Show - Reading

2015 - Interim Show - Reading

2015 - '24 Hours Under the Arc' Beaconsfield Gallery - London

2015 - 'Feminist for Ferguson' The Horse Hospital - London

2014 - 'Nature Created by Design' Seoul University of Arts - Seoul

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